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When it comes to cryptocurrency, the media has a tendency to hype up the market. This might cause consumers to make hasty judgments when it comes to investments. It’s critical not to get caught up in the buzz of things., headquartered in the heart of Birmingham, is a bullion dealer in the United Kingdom. They are a subsidiary of Jewellery Quarter Bullion Limited, the largest bullion trader in the UK. 


The goal behind the creation of BullionByPost was to provide UK investors with an easy and safe option to purchase bullion at competitive rates. Their offerings are now available in the United States as well.


There are approximately 3000 items available on These include gold and silver bars and coins, platinum and palladium, and other precious metals. In addition, they are pleased with the wealth of resources provided on their website for novice and seasoned investors.


If you’re debating whether or not to do business with BullionByPost, you’ll find a thorough evaluation of the company here. Continue reading if you’re curious.

BullionByPost Overview

All of the company’s procedures are straightforward. Creating an account is the first step; it takes around five minutes of the customer’s time. After clicking the link, it will redirect users to the manufacturer’s website, where they may make their metal preference selection.


In addition, the buyer can select from several metals and pay simply the going market rate for any of them. Metal purchasers can have their purchases delivered or keep them in storage at the company’s facilities.


BullionByPost operates very seriously and especially in the business. Consider the company’s history, the punctuality of their deliveries, and the value of their customers’ comments. Some recent online reviews have criticized the company’s customer service. However, this is an easily solvable issue that may be attributable to the current surge in gold demand.


BullionByPost Price

The BullionByPost platform facilitates the delivery of precious metals to clients’ doorsteps. Shipping costs are determined by factors such as the customer site and the total weight of their item.


BWP is available to all customers as a hassle-free delivery method for purchasing precious metals. To purchase bullion, you must interact directly with a trader. To draw in new customers, several shops now provide free delivery.


Several options exist for reducing the cost of buying bullion. Users may also try to get the lowest feasible price by doing some research. Potential buyers may shop at several bullion dealers to find the best bargain.

BullionByPost Product and Services

BullionByPost is an online retailer that offers a wide selection of coins, bars, and other desirable precious metals such as platinum and palladium. Every pricing is reasonable, and they even offer an assurance that theirs is the lowest available.


With BullionByPost, buyers have a wide variety of options for purchasing gold in the form of bars and coins. You may buy gold bars in increments of one gram up to one kilogram.


The most popular size of gold bar is the one-ounce bar. Gold coins may be found in denominations ranging from 1/10 to 1 ounce. Additionally, quantities as little as 1/20 ounce and as large as 10 ounces are available for purchase.


Silver is a highly valued metal used for a long time in industries as diverse as finance and the arts. In fact, silver continues to be prized for its beauty and practical worth in the modern world.


Silver purchased from BullionByPost’s online store is not subject to VAT, and many of the company’s coin offerings qualify for SIPPs.  Those wishing to buy 999 pure silver have the greatest interest in the silver coin.

Palladium and Platinum

Two of the rarest metals on Earth are palladium and platinum. These two items are also popular buys for BullionByPost customers. Products range from exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and shares in mining companies to physical palladium and platinum bars.


They will assist you in choosing the most suitable item for your inventory, regardless of your level of market knowledge. These are two metals that have been used for a very long period. In addition, palladium and platinum are commonly utilized in high-end accessories like jewelry and timepieces. These metals are excellent long-term investments because of their scarcity and high market value.


BullionByPost’s Pros and Cons 

Customers of BullionByPost don’t have to visit a bank or exchange to invest in precious metals, making the process more convenient than before. However, there are certain risks involved with it as well.


The BullionByPost service is widely used by those interested in purchasing precious metals. Understanding their advantages can help consumers make the most of them.


  • Consistent pricing
  • Account creation is easy and quick
  • Quick delivery with home pickup
  • Britain and Europe are reliable
  • Simpler website navigation
  • Solid support system
  • Repurchase
  • Simple payment


Even though it offers services with substantial development opportunities, it does not have all of the essential information, which has led to a few strict regulations.


  • Few things are offered
  • Online evaluations indicate various client complaints
  • Customer service is lacking
  • No IRA services are offered+


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